2 Atex services :
  • Displacement on your production sites of our ATEX specialized engineers.
  • Drafting of risk analysis specific to your production lines or machines.
  • Zoning of your plants according to machines, products processed ...

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  • Characterization of your powders by our laboratory : KST, EMI, LEL, UEL, density, particle size ... Samples required by feature, 250g.

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Our know how :

Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in developing and manufacturing machines and systems for the production of food and feed, chemical and fine chemical products. In their production processes, our customers are very frequently faced with the explosive nature of several materials used (powder, gas, liquid). Huge accidents prove the consequences that an explosion may have. When the atmosphere is explosive, a small spark (e.g. that of an electric switch or from the mechanical heating of a part of the machine) is enough to cause an accident or a disaster.

For many years, authorities and industries have worked on developing safety rules governing work conditions in such dangerous environments : explosive atmospheres. The new regulations, called ATEX regulations, were published and are effective as from 1st July, 2003. Today, Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. provides its expertise to classify your risk zones based on the nature, frequency or duration of the presence of an ATEX regulation. Marked explosion risk zones are signalled with the warning sign established by regulation...

Zhengzhou Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. defines with you the protection and prevention steps to be adopted, considering your restrictions. A document referring to explosion protection will be established and integrated into the Occupational Risk Evaluation Unique Document.

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