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3D Double Motion Mixer
JHN chemical powder mixer machine

Mixed volume of material:3L~110L

Mixer power:1.5KW


JINHE® JHN Series One machine Multiple Containers Double Movement Powder Mixer
Jin Tai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. had a good dream that install different volume containers as people pleases in one double movement Powder Mixer and let the container and its inside blade revolving simultaneously. Thus in this way, one machine can be used as several machines which was just an extravagant hopes before the year 2012. However, the dream becomes true now!
Production Introduction
JHN series Powder Mixer is an excellent equipment which bears extraordinary imagination of our designers. It combine double movement mixing principle and complicate mixing task perfectly.
1st Different volume containers can be installed whenever needed. When customer install one 3 L container, it can be used as test for mini mixing. If install one 15L container, it can finish small batch mixing task, fully develop the vast potential of the machine.
2nd Inherited the advantage of double movement, this utility-type machine not only realize cross revolving shaft double movement, but also has its inherent advantages such as ideal mixing effect, large loading ratio, cost less time, saving electricity and money.
3rd Convenient installation: A skillful worker only needs 5 minutes to change and install containers.
4th Dismountable installation: containers can be used as special purpose, dismounted and cleaned whenever needed, so this machine can effectively prevent cross-contamination between batches.
Equipment and Constitution Picture
Technical Parameters
Model Barrel
3~18 2~13 18 23        60 0.55 1045*600*990 100
20~55 20~44 55 22 55 0.75 1200*780*1250 300
60~110 48~88 100 20 49 1.5 1300*820*1400 500
200 160 200 16 32 3.0 1500*960*1800 700
600 480 600 12 24 4.0 1900*1500*2100 1200
1000 800 1000 10 20 5.5 2400*1900*2800 1800

Production Advantage
JHN Advantage Specialty:
1st One machine can be used as multiple machines. Different volume containers (3L-18L)can be installed whenever needed.
2nd Prevent cross-contaminations between batches. Easy loading and unloading. Convenient to clean the container.
3rd JHN Run more smoothly than others. Owing to the cantilever structure, the room of this equipment is shrink.
4th JHN also has advantage like "Ideal mixing effect" "High loading rate" "Time saving" and "Money saving" double movement advantage.
1st Choose suitable mixer machine and barrels: select applicable container& blade according to different mixing demands.
2nd How to loading &unloading stuff: When customer loading material, press shake button to adjust the loading port to the position just right above, after finish loading material, close the loading port. When customer discharge material, open the loading port when the port position is suitable(right above) and then press the shake button, materials can be smoothly discharged.
3rd How to use the operating panel: Timer was designed in the operating panel in order to control mixing time.For safety consideration, double buttons should be pressed at the same time. Positive shake button and reverse shake button were designed in order to let customer find ideal position to unloading material.
4th How to change container: When finish mixing task and change to other mixing task, just dismount the container and blades. Unscrew the 6 or 8 bolts which connect the flang and then the container will be dismounted. By way of unscrewing the blades' center's fastening bolts and other bolts, the blades will be dismounted. Install container and blades in the opposite way.
5th How to clean container and blade: It is convenient to clean container and blade This is a uique advantage of our machine, thus it can effectively prevent cross-contamination between batches.
6th Guardrail Usage: For safety consideration, guardrail was designed in this machine, please put down the guardrail before the machine running.
Application Case
It’s applied to the mixing of dry powders in industries of powder metallurgy, Pharmaceutical powder, Food additives powders, 
Cosmetic powder, magnetic materials, precious metal powder, non-ferrous metal powder, chemicals, abrasives,
foodstuff,feed,dyestuff ,Laboratory and so on.
Due to its high mixing efficiency, it is particularly suitable for mixing powder which demand strict requirement.
Suitable for fine powder, superfine powder, powder with big difference in specific gravity.
Applied to mix several kinds of power, such as in scientific research field.

4、JHN Double movement powder mixer inside blades outside barrels running picture