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3D Double Motion Mixer
JHX double movement Powder Mixer

Mixed volume of material:50L~10000L

Mixer power:2.2KW~45KW

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JINHE® JHX Double Movement Powder Mixer Machine is an advanced mixing machine which has proprietary intellectual property rights.

Our principle is make barrel turn around while full scale blade run independently. In addition, the barrel and blades turn around in different speed and different directions.

Production Introduction
JHX series double motion mixing machine, its mainly acting part is made up of revolving double cones container which is placed declining, plus external revolving axis and internal helical blades components. Components with different revolving speed are driven by one power system. Between the helical blade's revolving axis and container it is sealed by special sealing components. When discharge material, customer can operate positive shake or reverse shake button on the panel to make container local shake and the revolving blade will speed up the discharging. All contact parts of this machine are made of high quality stainless steel.
1st The two functions of container revolving around slant axis are completely eliminate dead angle on the bottom of container and make mixtures convected left and right, up and down to participate mixing directly.
2nd Relatively fast speed helical blades play major role in mixing. Moreover the helical blades including inside and outside blades. When inside blades revolving, the mixtures can be stirred in vertical direction meanwhile stirred from middle position to two sides. So our machine can mix materials more uniformly. Furthermore, the functions of helical blades' cutting, striking and so on.  After strict test, in the field of mixing metal alloy powder which has very strict requirement, if customer use traditional V shape mixer, it will take long time(some customer use 24 hours for v type mixer) to meet mixing criterion, but customer who use our mixer will only take half time before meeting standard. If the powders are ordinary type, several minutes will be okay.
3rd This series machine has better mixing effect for powders which has big difference in specific gravity. Because the revolving helical blades inside this machine have down force to powder, floating light powder can be pressed down into the heavy powder and mixed completely.
Equipment and Constitution Picture


Model Max 
Max Barrel 
Size(mm) Weight
JHX50 40 60 25 50 1.1 1500*620*1000
JHX100 80 110 23 46 1.1 1700*720*1200
JHX200 160 240 21 42 2.2 2050*830*1400
JHX400 320 500 17 34 3.0 2500*1010*1600
JHX600 480 700 17 34 4.0 2700*1120*1750
JHX600Z 480 1000 14 28 5.5 2700*1120*1750
JHX800 640 1400 14 28 5.5 2900*1200*1850
JHX1000 800 1800 11 22 7.5 3200*1300*2070
JHX1500 1200 2200 8 16 15 3200*1300*2070
JHX2000 1600 3600 6 12 18.5 3650*1500*2300
JHX3000 2400 4800 6 12 22 3800*2100*2900
JHX5000 4000 6000
5 10 30 4250*2350*3100 4500
JHX7000 5600 9000
5 10 37 4750*2650*3750 7500




Production Advantage

Double movement mixing machine  inside helical blades and outside barrels movement picture.

Ideal Mixing Effect: Due to the container revolving, the machine can mix more evenly in general points. While blades stirring, the machine can mix more meticulously and completely in detail points.

High Loading Ratio: Compared with ordinary 3D mixer, ours' Powder mixer loading ratio is much higher. Because blades take major role during the machine working. That is why our double movement mixer's loading ratio is high, max. Loading rate can reach 75% of container. For the same volume, the loading capacity of our one machine is almost equivalent to two 3D mixers.
Time-saving: The mixing way of our double movement mixer is two mixing ways superposed together, that is why our machine has high efficiency. Compared with 3D mixer, ours can save 60% time to meet mixing standard.
Money-saving: Compared with traditional mixer, ours can save time above 50%, save electricity about 70%, save space about 50%, money saving about 30%.
Convenient to discharge mixture: The intersection angle between loading port and the discharge port is designed 120°in order that convenient to watch how much mixtures left in the container when discharging materials. Compared with the same volume 3D mixer, ours loading port is 30% shorter, so that's why we say it is convenient to loading material and don't need to install loading platform.
Easy to operate: There are positive shake button and reverse shake button designed in the operating panel, these double buttons need to be pressed at the same time, this will be safer for use, so it is easy to operate.
Safety for use: Compared with the same volume 3D mixer, ours has compact structure and its container's revolving radius is smaller, so is the bulge part. So that is the reason why our machine is safe to use.
Application Case
It’s applied to the mixing of dry powders in industries of powder metallurgy, Pharmaceutical powder, Food additives powders, 
Cosmetic powder, magnetic materials, precious metal powder, non-ferrous metal powder, chemicals, abrasives,
foodstuff,feed,dyestuff ,Laboratory and so on.
Due to its high mixing efficiency, it is particularly suitable for mixing powder which demand strict requirement.
 Suitable for fine powder, superfine powder, powder with big difference in specific gravity.