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Netherland Tencate bought a mixer machine from JINHE Machinery
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Holland Tencate

Tencate (haze) is the trademark of the Dutch royal Tencate group.The group is focused on the areas of high-tech fiber and textile large multinational listed company, has more than 300 years of development history.Products are widely used in: safety and protection areas, aerospace, sports leisure areas, infrastructure and environment.Well-known clients include for body armor, auto/U.S. military tank armor provide fiber fabrics;As the Mars science laboratory (MSL) the phoenix Mars lander, for August 6, 2012 landing on Mars curiosity Mars probe "deceleration (Aeroshell) can provide an umbrella carrying more than 200000 km/hour speed, and 2100 degrees Celsius under high temperature high tech thermoplastic composite materials
As the company branch of TenCate grass group is the world's largest artificial grass fiber manufacturers, its business all over the world, in Europe, the Middle East, North America, have the production base.The group self brand to enter the Chinese artificial lung import artificial grass lawn industry is the industry's initial stage, and enjoys a good reputation the industry has been more than 10 years of time.2008 Olympic hockey venue is chosen the self long fiber artificial lawn area, jinan 2009 universiade hockey venues also chose the brand fiber.The company sponsored by the Dutch league football club hercules (Heracles Almelo) home are adopted self long fiber artificial lawn.

More information about Tencate please check office website:  http://www.tencate.com/