Chinese practical new style patent
The utility model discloses a cantilever type cross rotary shaft double-movement mixer with a material drum being replaceable. The mixer comprises a motor, a speed reducer, a coupler, a cantilever shaft, a transfer case, an end surface flange, a blade driving shaft, blades and the material drum. The mixer is characterized in that the motor, the speed reducer, the coupler and the cantilever shaft are arranged in sequence according to a drive relationship; the cantilever shaft fixed on a rack is driven by the speed reducer; the end surface flange which is slantly arranged and output is fixed by an output end of the cantilever shaft; the blade driving shaft is arranged in the center of the end surface flange; the end surface flange is provided with the material drum; and the blade driving shaft is provided with a blade assembly matched with the material drum. The cantilever type cross rotary shaft double-movement mixer with the material drum being replaceable is more convenient to operate during the process of material mixing, and the material drum is easier to clean after being dismounted, the mixing is more accurate and efficient, the requirements on different quantity and multiple-batch mixing can be met; and the mixer can realize multiple purposes.