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Powder Machinery
Capsule Filling Machine

Mixed volume of material

Mixer power

Main Technical Parameters:
Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Capacity 15000-25000caps/h
Type of filling materials Powder/Pellets
Capsule Size 000# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# and safety capsule
Power 380/220V 50/60Hz  4KW
Vacuum pump pump capacity 40m3/h
Air press 0.03m3/min  0.7Mpa
Dimensions 1140*700*1630mm
Net Weight 350KG
Locking Device Automatic

Test machine powder minimum loading:750g.

Test machine capsule minimum loading:Add more 50 capsules to the mold plate.

00#: 300 capsules.

0#: 360 capsules.

1# 2# 3#: 420 capsules.

Maximum filling capacity of different sizes:

00#: 500-600mg   0#: 400-500mg    1# :350mg

2#; 250mg            3#:200mg            4#:100mg

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Model NJP-200C NJP-400C NJP-800C NJP-1200C NJP-2300C NJP-3800C
Max.Output(pcs/h) 12000 24000 48000 72000 138000 228000
Machine Weight 600Kg 600Kg 900Kg 1100Kg 1500Kg 2200Kg
Machine Size(mm) 805×705×1760 805×705×1760 865×855×1900 900×870×1950 1120×1020×2000 1395×1180×2200
Power Supply 380/220V 50Hz
Power 3KW 3.5KW 5KW 5.5KW 8KW 10.5KW
Hole Number 2 holes 3 holes 6 holes 9 holes 18 holes 27 holes
Vacuum 20m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa 20m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa 20m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa 40m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa 63m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa 120m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa
Dust Collection 17.6Kpa 17.6Kpa 17.6Kpa 24.5Kpa 24.5Kpa 24.5Kpa
180m3/h 180m3/h 180m3/h 210m3/h 210m3/h 210m3/h
Working Noise <75DB(A)
Filling Percentage Empty Capsules99.9% /Full Capsules99.8%
Adaptation capsule 00,0,1,2,3,4,5#
Filling accuracy Western medicine±3% / Chinese medicin±4%
Filling Range Powder, granules, pellets, tablets